About Us

We’re a recently married couple from Austin, Texas, who have (temporarily) left our jobs behind and set off on a six-month honeymoon adventure.  From July to November 2012, we’ll be traveling to 10 countries in Asia–Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and India–and then in mid-November we’ll head down under to Australia and New Zealand.  We’ll finish off our journey by spending the holidays on safari in Namibia and Botswana, and then it’ll be home again to Austin in early January 2013.

We have high hopes for what we plan to experience over the next few months:

  • navigate unfamiliar cities and tour famous sites
  • learn about new customs and cultures
  • try lots of new and exotic foods
  • go surfing, bungee jumping and scuba diving
  • become aware of social, economic, environmental, human and animal rights issues relevant to the places we visit

We wanted to write this blog as a way of sharing our adventure with family and friends back home and also to keep a record of everything we learn about ourselves and the places we visit along the way.  We hope you enjoy hearing what we’re up to!

One Response to About Us

  1. What a great blog. John, we are birds of a feather. But Shelley also writes. My wonderful spouse Susan always lets me do the writing. CD