Happy Birthday, John!

We’re celebrating John’s birthday today, or at least I am.  I’m a big fan of birthdays.  John is not a big fan of his.  Each year on his birthday, he kind of falls into a slump.  He’s not very happy about getting older, but he’s lucky to look about 10 years younger than he actually is.  And as John’s dad, Phill, says, “The more birthdays you have, the longer you live.”  So here’s to the birthday boy!



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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, John!

  1. Erika Webb says:

    Happy Birthday, Old Man, and congrats to Shelley for securing the lifelong distinction of being younger than her husband no matter how old you both are at any given moment! I find it works for us :)

  2. Chip Lynch says:

    Happy Birthday, dude! Are cake and candles easy to come by in Malaysia? Normally I’d buy you a bourbon, but, well… if you can find one let me know and imagine it’s from me. :)

  3. Cheng says:

    Happy Birthday, John! I’ve been very impressed with the recent series of updates from both of you; keep up the great writing for the large majority of us reading at home.

  4. Ryan Nett says:

    Happy Birthday John! I see the bourbon theme runs strong…one short year ago we were touring the Garrison Brothers Distillery for your bday. Hope you guys are having a wonderful trip…can’t wait for you guys to repatriate!