Four Months on the Road

We’ve been traveling for four months as of today, and aside from us both being a little sick, we really feel like we’ve gotten into the groove of things. If it wasn’t for the cold I’ve picked up since we’ve been in India, I’d probably sound a little peppier while I’m writing this. Meanwhile John is excitedly anticipating his doctor’s appointment in Australia next week, where he hopes they can identify and eliminate whatever little bugger has been upsetting his stomach and fatiguing him over the last several months.

Other than the illnesses, at this point we really feel like we’ve adapted to our nomadic lifestyle. Packing up our bags, moving locations every few days, sleeping in hotels, and figuring out how to get around in a new place generally seem pretty normal these days. We’re starting to wonder if it will feel weird to be back in Austin in a couple of months, living at home, driving our cars to get around, and cooking our own food. I think we’re both looking forward to that but also feeling a little sad as we near the end of our big adventure.

In between now and then, we’re getting excited for a change of pace as we head off to the land down under. We’ll arrive into Melbourne on Saturday night, where we’re eager for some R&R with our friends Jenny and Craig, including turkey time next Thursday when we celebrate Thanksgiving Australian-style.

We’ll also be continuing our effort to try to catch up on our blog, but at least now we’re only three countries behind! We’ll be writing about our time in Vietnam, Laos, and India. Thanks so much for staying tuned!

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One Response to Four Months on the Road

  1. Awwwwe, we miss you guys! We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving, and both feel better soon.

    We have an amazing book called “Uncommissioned Art: An A-Z of Australian Graffiti” by Christine Dew. It it’s up your alley (haha) you might want to check it out and visit some of the famous Melbourne laneways.