Thanks, Australia

The cruel irony.  I made it through four months in Asia without a hint of an upset stomach, including two weeks in India without so much as a tummy rumble, but here we are now in beautiful clean Australia, with hygiene rules posted in the restaurants, and I’ve been taken down by food poisoning.  I’m not sure which component of our lunchtime seafood platter I should blame, but I’m guessing it was the dozen raw oysters.  I think I’ll be off seafood for a while now.

So as we keep saying, we are horribly behind on our blog posts.  A week from now we’ll be renting a camper van to spend a couple of weeks driving around New Zealand, and we’re guessing we won’t have any internet access during that time.  So between now and then, we’re hoping to backtrack with posts about our final month in Asia and our three weeks here in Australia.  We’ve assigned each of ourselves a list of blog topics and we’ll start tackling them ASAP.  More to come!


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