My Favorite Sign in China

All over China we saw signs, logos and t-shirts in English, and pretty often we got a good chuckle out of them.  Sometimes the English just didn’t make much sense, and other times it was totally clear but just surprising.  My favorite sign that I saw fell into the second category.  While visiting a tea shop in Beijing, I saw this sign on the back of the bathroom door and immediately knew I had to snap a picture of it.  I especially loved how emphatic the message was–check out all of those exclamation points.

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2 Responses to My Favorite Sign in China

  1. I really hope that didn’t negatively affect your plans.

  2. Erika Webb says:

    Written by a teenage girl? Those triple exclamation points are a dead give-away :) looks like y’all are having an amazing adventure!!! Thanks for posting all of this!!!!! B & I are loving living vicariously through your blog!!!!!!!!!