Bits and Bytes of Thailand

As you may have noticed, we’ve gotten a bit behind on the blog due to our travels in China over the past couple of weeks.  Today was finally a much needed break in the action, so it’s time for another post!  But, before we get to our adventures in China, here are some final, random things to share about our time in Thailand.

Shelley and I spent the last few days of our time in Chiang Mai seeking out the best street food.  We found two gems:  a street vendor who makes amazing crepes and a market vendor who makes what I have come to call “backwards ice cream.”

To get the gist of these delicacies, here are a couple of videos for you to take a look at.

A crepe is a crepe, but this is the best one I’ve ever had.  It tasted like how a fortune cookie should taste, stuffed with bananas and chocolate.  And, I’m really surprised that I haven’t seen what I’m calling “backwards ice cream” take off in the US yet.  In Austin (and other cities, I think) we’ve gotten into the habit of scooping out frozen ice cream, putting something like cookies on top of it, and then beating it into melted oblivion with metal spatulas.  As you’ll see in the video, this guy goes in the opposite direction.  He takes melted dessert, and turns it into frozen ice cream (if you’re reading, Jenny Mayer, this is right up your alley).  I think this would kill as a new Austin food truck.  It’s just weird enough to work.

We can get grumpy when we’re hungry.

But food turns things around quickly.

Sometimes that food is really spicy.

Napkins in Thailand are so thin you can practically see through them, and they fall apart on you like a Kleenex in the washing machine, which is kinda gross when you’re eating really spicy food and need, well, a Kleenex.

This guy in Bangkok likes cool shades, dew rags, and shitzus.  And, he owns it.

We ran into this children’s recital in Chiang Mai one night.  It’s official, children’s recitals are the same all over the world!

We saw lots of funny signs when we were in Thailand.

But, perhaps our favorite…

Who knew that China would take it to the next level.  On to Beijing!



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2 Responses to Bits and Bytes of Thailand

  1. Jenny says:

    Reid was watching over my shoulder as I read this post. He liked the photo of Shelley “getting happy about her food.” He also understood the restroom sign, “Just like me! I hold my wiener when I have that ‘got to go feeling!’” That makes it official! Even a 3-year old American kid can read that sign!

  2. Ella says:

    Icons – the universal language. I feel like there’s got to be a way to make those Thai WC icons for the bathrooms catch on here in the US.