Thanks for the Comments!

John and I want to send out a big thank you to all of the folks who have commented on our blog posts or sent us notes in response.  Hearing from you all makes us feel more in touch and connected to home, and we really appreciate it!

As of today, it’s been one month since we left home.  Life in Austin seems hazy and a million miles away, but although in some ways it feels like we’ve been traveling for longer than we actually have, aside from an occasional yearning for western food, we haven’t really been feeling homesick.  I guess that’s good, since we have about four and a half months of adventures ahead of us!

We’ve been keeping up a fast pace during the last week in mainland China, so we’ve gotten way behind on our blog posts, but we head to Hong Kong tomorrow for several days and hope to have a chance there to get all caught up.  It’s been exciting here, and we’re looking forward to sharing our Chinese adventure with you…

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One Response to Thanks for the Comments!

  1. Michele Hofer says:

    So glad to see you’re having a great trip and I love following along- thanks for sharing your journey. Now go continue having the trip of a lifetime!! Don’t worry TX misses you…but same basic hot summer!! Safe traveling!!